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I self learned to code when I turned 30. Then launched a few side projects; and now run a full time SaaS biz (currently at $220 MRR). I think of myself as a coder now. My favourite tasks of the day are always engineering related.

I think that everyone should learn to code. And my recent rant on that clearly touched a nerve. I got a lot of angry messages from people who disagreed. Which is fine, because this is my opinion and I am standing by it. I also got a lot of requests…

  • ✅ Quit smoking. Cold turkey.
  • ✅ Self learned to code. Spent 396 hours coding, which is almost 2.2 months where I was a full time engineer. (Wakatime)
  • ✅ Lost 14kgs weight and 18 inches of body fat
  • ✅ Shipped 3 side projects with 700+ registered users (Timewise, Timespent Toolkit, Kaapi)
  • ✅ Meditated for 1350 minutes total, with one streak lasting for 48 days straight (Headspace)
  • ✅ Traveled to Australia, Japan, Vietnam
  • ✅ Attended five family events (did zero in 2018)
  • ✅ Led a new business launch at my job and got a 10/10 performance review

Building habits is a habit

Alright, now that the clickbaity…

Aditya Rao

The Happiness Of Pursuit. Currently, Head of Outbound Hiring @belongco ex Founder, CEO @localoye ex @jombaydotcom

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